Friday, February 10, 2006

How do I affect change at MS?

I read an interesting comment from one of the folks about how to suggest problems that need fixing without facing potential repurcussions?

So my question is...How do we get our ideas good or bad to upper management and not seem like we are complaining. I tried to talk to my managers about problems I saw with the prodcut we were working on and I was basically told to "sit down and shut up, we have a vision and a plan. You are just immature and not very senior."

Man, first thing is the best managers will listen to this, and if it's a true issue and makes a difference to solve they should be all over working with you to fix it. This is a company value of both being self critical and open and respectful. I would encourage you to also go to your boss' manager as a next step, but to also be open-minded that there may be other things influencing the direction your manager is taking.

However, there are bad managers and MS isn't immune to them. In this case, you have to do some work to be able to fix this. Get someone at the company that you trust that can operate as a mentor or assist you with these types of issues. I encourage everyone on my team to leverage my manager (he's a very good boss) and/or a mentor as a way to have an outlet for those things that they don't feel comfortable talking directly to me about.

Also, be sure you are using the Standard of "the right thing for Microsoft". Not what is best for me, or best for my team, but rather best for the company. Be willing to be proven wrong if its the right thing for the company.


On a separate note, appreciate the comments and links from other bloggers (including Mini-MSFT, thanks!). Also it's cool to welcome Steve Sinofski to the audience, appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

Also, I'll include my email address for folks that want to drop a private line: nextmsft at hotmail dot com.

Lastly, I have a bunch of topics I want to post on, but expect I will have time to get only 1 or 2 per week. Please feel free to add comments on topics you are interested in.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word you want to use is "effect" not "affect".

6:41 AM

Blogger Justin said...

I don't know if you care... but it's "effect change", not "affect change". They're both valid English phrases, and they mean different things. To effect change is to cause change, while to affect change is to alter change.

I assume you mean the former :)

11:01 PM

Blogger Kevin Wong said...

I just want to comment that as I will be interning at MSFT this coming summer, I am beginning to wonder if I will have any significant "effects" on such a large company. Aware of all the talks going on about Microsoft, I'm very curious to see from the internal perspective's reaction to all the media coverage. Anyways, I look forward to your thoughts on a "Next Microsoft" because it seems like the big change in the approach in developing Vista was something long needed. Maybe other aspects of the company can translate that effort into their own processes?

1:35 AM

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